Altyn Asyr Ginning and Acid Delinting Factory

Project Details

ESTABLISHMENT: 2016, Altyn Asyr / Ahal, Turkmenistan

CAPACITY: 40.000 Ton Raw Cotton / Year

TOTAL AREA: 29.000 m2 Closed Area


Cotton bales according to US dimension standarts (20"x54")
1. cut lint bales
2. cut lint bales
Mote bales
Technical Cotton Seed
Proccesed Cotton Seeds Packed in 20kg Paper Bags


The Lint that leaves on the seed cotton is cut by first cut and second cut delinters. For the first cut, the percantege is %6 and the second cut is %3.


For planting purposes, the seeds are extracted from all foreign materials and lint left on the seed got seperated. All immature seeds and stones coming from cotton fields are eliminated by screening system. It also permits the selection of healthy embryos of the same size. Certain degree of quality of cotton seeds in suitable weights are only selected during this process. As a result, strong, healthy, high productive seeds are packed in 20 kg paper bags for the farmers.


BC Supply, USA Origin, Ginning Part
CANTRELL Worldwide, USA Origin, Delinting Part
LT Kincer, USA Origin, Acid Delinting Part
Signode , USA Origin, Automatic Bailing System
BC Designed Bale Press