Ruhabat Poly-Cotton Spin Yarn Mill

Project Details

ESTABLISHMENT: 2010, Ruhabat / Ahal, Turkmenistan

CAPACITY: 13.000 Tons Polyester-Cotton Blended Yarn / Year (7.000 Tons Ring Cotton Yarn,6.000 Tons Open-End Cotton Yam)

TOTAL AREA: 27.000 m2 Closed Area, 61.000 m2 Total Area

RAW MATERIAL INPUT : 10.000 Tons cotton and 5.000 Tons Polyester Fiber / Year


Polycotton yarn (Ne 12/1, Ne 16/1, Ne 20/1, Ne 24/1, Ne 30/1) for weaving and knitting


2 lines Marzoli brand blowroom including 23 cards Marzoli C601SN
10 piece passage draw frames Marzoli UMTN/S
10 piece passage draw frames Marzoli UMT RN/S with autoleveller
4 piece roving frames Marzoli FfSN with 192 spindles
18 piece Ring spinning frame-Marzoli MPlN with 1200 spindles, automatic doffing
9 winding machine - Savio Polar E with 64 spindles, automatic cops feeding, Electronic cleaners Loephe
5 piece Savio automatic Rotor Spinner Flexirotors 3000 360 rotors, with Loephe 3Nl electronic cleaners